Thursday, May 5, 2011

Trip with my brothers...

On 30th April Kj had an interview for Masscom(Intructional Communication & Training) programme. But on the same day Kj and me planned to go to Kuala Terengganu for a vacation with KAMI TERANSANG.

After the interview finished, he headed back to KUANTAN and picked me up which have waited 6 hours but thanks to Afi who was there to entertain me while waiting. So we finally wanted to head off to KT but Ardy Ally asked to stop by his house. Maybe if you guys went to search for him at night then it would be impossible, its a good thing he was staying under the streetlight(hahahahaha) . Finally we head off to Kemaman first to pick up one of KAMI TERANSANG'S most hairy member Amirul Dz a.k.a Boo. When we reached his house, he invited us for a drink.

Waited a while and left off to pump up the tyre at shell then straight to PAKA to fetch Solihien a.k.a Trella . On the way we stopped at Mesramall just for fun. But just before that we went to buy a drink at PETRONAS . It was about 12a.m that time so usually the doors are locked so Boo went to the counter and asked the guy. ' Abg, na bli air bleh x? ' and the guy said '  Boleh..masuk la..xkunci pon '..hehehehhehe..poor Boo. Always making a fool of himself.
We headed straight to PAKA ,we had a lot of trouble finding Trella's house especially very hard trying to contact him. I think I tried more than ten times. When he finally picked up the phone, we told him that we had already reached Boo's house and that we were planning to get him in the morning, so he just told us the directions to his house. Its always a tradition in KAMI TERANGSANG to do a prank on somebody and the first victim for that night was Trella. There will be a video uplaoded later.

So we reached his house and made a video of it. He was damn surprised that we were outside his gate. Since we were in a hurry . He went straight into his room and packed some clothing. I dont even know if he took a bath or not..hahhaha. He woke his parents up and asked permission to follow us. The funny thing here was that he was pranked and then he just doesnt know what to say to his parents. 'ntah la..mmbe ckap dyeorg smpay rumah esok..tgok2 da ad kt dpan gate'..hahahhaha..

Next stop - Dungun

Just in 10 minutes we got to Pojan's housing area. Well according to Trella the road to Pojan's house is LONG bumpy,rocky like rally road but when we found out the directions it was just a 5 second rocky lane . Oh yeah ! We were fooled by the fool .

Right after that, we stopped at an exit which one road would lead us to Azim Kun's house and the other would lead us straight to KT. After 20 times(seriously) calling but he didnt pick up so why headed straight up to RANTAU ABANG and stopped because we were damn hungry especially Kuchai . After the meal, we took off but faced a small problem with a crazy Mat Rempit who was 'concohs angin' behind the van so we tried to get rid of him. After some time speeding and braking the guy went to do the same thing to the car in front.

Boo : '..natng nie naek ex je..' 
Kj : '..hina cgt ke van aq nie??..'


Pojan was having a bad day. After being pranked,having not enough sleep and finally having a stomache ache so we stopped at PETRONAS MARANG and 7E . Trella found the jackpot where they sold Barbican drink . Maybe its easy to find at TERENGGANU but not in PAHANG. So while waiting for the smelly guy to finish his job we enjoyed some bottles of Barbican each.

At exactly 3a.m we finally reached KT but none of these guys remember the road around so it took some time . We reached at the traffic light heading to BATU BUROK but suddenly were surrounded by hundreds of Mat Rempit.

Kj : 'perghh..rmai gyle mat rempit..ase na langgar je"
Boo:' jgn wat dok brani sentuh mat rmpit sini'
Me :'haha..mcm lalat je aq tgok..'

I noticed it to be quite quiet at back so when I looked back and I saw Pojan sleeping and when I asked these guys said that he's been sleeping the whole time in the van. We were so lost that time so we called Cha Ace our own Mat Rempit Teransang. He said to meet up at somwhere so he could pick us up . Unfortunately, we were lost until we went in circles about 4 times . It's a good thing that Boo had the guts to ask a nice Mat Rempit the way to Giant. If not we would be going in circles more than 4 times and would just have to push the van bcoz we were running out of fuel. We reached Giant without any trouble and met up with Cha and he brought us straight to Shell . After having a long conversation on planning what to do next so we headed to Cha's house . It was only 4.30a.m that time but we heard an Azan that was partly complete.

Boo : wei da subuh ke??baru pkol bp skrg nie..
Cha : imam mabuk ar tu..baru bngon tdo..

 Of course another video was recorded and some pictures were taken.

When we were going out of his house . Suddenly, there was a weird sound. (We was scared)..hahhaah..Kj accidently brought the van too fast until it hit a hole . Unfortunately we had to turn around to Cha's house bcoz he left his money. So when we got there , we figured out that the weird sound was made by his neighbor's pet Bird. 

Next Stop - Pulau Warisan Kuala Terengganu

When we arrived at the place there weren't that much people anyways so we were making a lot of noise. We first stopped at the bridge but didnt really like the view.

We went back in the van and some eventually really went on the van . Boo's stupidity was shown when he held on to the back of the van and was recording the view from behind the van . When we were going to cross the bridge to the other side there were 3 policemen just looking at Boo..hhahahaha..damn funny . Its a good thing they didnt stop us if not the fun trip would turn out to be a sad trip to the lock up.
It was finally time to pray Subuh so we headed off to the closest Mosque.

Next stop - Batu Burok

After praying we had nothing else to do so we went hang out at BATU BUROK. Some of us just fell asleep while waiting for the sunrise . Hey wait , only Pojan slept while we were talking and looking at the scenary. Suddenly a blue Myvi parked in front of us. After a few minutes we could hear some loud Dangdut music and a long haired girly man came out. He was strecthing and shaking his butt a few times . We suspected that the guy was interested in Boo because he keeps staring at Boo then he would dance again shaking some more . Its a good thing we didnt record that, it would definately become a nightmare for us.

Everybody was starving so we went to find a place to eat . If im not mistaken we stopped beside SHELL

Our next mission - find a place to stay
Time - 7a.m
Condition - Sleepy
We first headed to Marang to find a cheap Chalet

1.Angulia Resort - Late Check in at 3p.m

2.Buai Beach Resort - Not Found

3.Seri Malaysia - Room Rm85 was full

4.Marang Guesthouse - Not recommended

5.Chalet Su - Rm50

So we finally found Chalet Su and checked in and that instant. We took our baths and went to sleep.
After 3 hours only of sleep ,we went to get ready for lunch . Ahmad Rifaie was already waiting for us at the Batu Burok food court. Had to rush, didnt want him to be waiting too long for us. We arrived there and ate Nasi Ayam while waiting for Myra to come there . After waiting an hour we were all set to leave to TTC . So Kj left the van keys to Boo. When Kj & Myra already left . He got a call from a monkey saying that the van coudnt start . They made a U-turn to the place but when they got there were were already gone .Kj got a text( Hmmmmm.I see..Boo's stupidity was shown once again when he put in the wrong key in the wrong hole.. )

TTC - meeting Ahmad Sobri Muzammil

We split up, Kj & Myra went to pick up one of her friends at McD while the others were already waiting at TTC . At TTC there we met more people from UiTM . There was Fifah Heart Ppah,Wan Nabila and Fatehah. Sobri was taking care of the shoes section . He looked like he really enjoyed whatever he was doing there . I was shocked to see ppah because she wore glasses and she look good wearing it. Wan Nabila (semek) is cute like she always is. While fatehah had a stressed out face while "guarding" the counter..haha..

after we sent off cha, bu n pojan to the Kuala Terengganu bus station, me and Kj went back to Chalet su with Myra and one of her friend. Of course Myra and her friend had to stayed in thier car because it will be illegal or sinful for us to be together in the same room with non-muhrim. me and Kj had to take another shower because the heat made us stink like "Pojan". Then we head to Teluk Ketapang, Gong Badak to enjoy the "sotong celup tepung". The trip took us roughly 45 minutes. My sister that is currently living in Gong Badak said she is coming to see me there. After a rough trip of funny driving style by Myra, we arrived at Teluk Ketapang. I went to see my sister for a while. Then I went back to Kj and Myra. The cuttlefish and prawn were awesome. Thanks to Myra and her friend for that treat.We then head back to the chalet and arrived at 8.35 pm. We were supposed to head back to town to watch football because MU was playing that night but Kj did not feel well so we just spend the night in the room.

2 May 2011, Thursday.

I woke up at 9.45 am and noticed that Kj was in the bathroom. So, I went out for a smoke. Then we head out of Marang. We still had not had our breakfast at that time, so Kj proposed that we just buy some bread and more Barbican. It was a really hot day that Kj's shirt was drenched with his own sweat..hehe..Suddenly I got a phone call from beruk (bu). I couldn't recognize his voice at first because he had sore throat and he was coughing. He suddenly got stuck with a bad case of flu. I felt worried and asked Kj to visit his house on the way to Kuantan. We went to McDonald at Kemasik because we thought there were no food at bu's house. While Kj was driving, I got stuck holding the Coca-cola we bought at Mcdonald and suddenly the holder rip forced me to take a bath in it..haha..We took another bath at Bu's house and ate a big lunch. To cut it short, we were behind schedule because the last bus to Jerantut was supposed to be at 3 pm at it was 2.45 when we were in Semambu. Suddenly there were 4.30 pm ticket because extra buses weree called out because of Jomheboh in Kuantan and because it was still holiday. Thanks to Kj because waited with me at the bus station until 4.15 pm. Then I waited for the bus and suddenly a tourist from France spoke to me. We were talking all the way to Jerantut..haha..

The End~~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ari 2 aku ade post sal game aku main masa cuti sem lpas an?
Cuti sem makin bertambah..hehe

Haaa..2 la tmbahan utk musim ni..hehe...
Other than that, aku da tambah koleksi movies aku sbb skang aku da ade external hard disk..hehe

roughly ade 106 folder..
dlm folder ade movies lg..
smuanye 336 Gb..

Hidup yg xtentu arah...

okeh..selepas beberapa bulan da update..da tibe masa utk aku update..
first of all, utk spe yg blom tawu..aku da abes asasi tesl..n tgh bercuti hampir 6 bulan..
tp............cuti xsemestinye seronok..
msti korang pelik kan knp aku ckp cam 2..
haha...sebabnye ialah, utk setahun lpas...
hidop aku mmg kat kuantan da..
cuti mid sem xbalek..
cuti chinese new year un x balek..
mmg mind set aku smua da kat kuantan..
so, bila cuti da start ni mula la..
xtentu arah hidop..  hm..
tgk2 gmbr..tringat masa2 seronok dlu..
ni masa kat tgk penyu n dugong (replika je tinggal)
Ni adalah masa campus day out kat pantai balok..

Ni masa merantau ke Kemaman umah mmbe baik..

Ni adalah kakak kesayangan aku (kimah) yg selalu sembelit...hehe

Haaa...die ni la whole reason aku pkai lawo2 masa dinner 2..aku panggil die Amie..hehe..die ni mmbe baik aku..comel an? hehe
Die ni lak adek aku..Nme die Mimi yg selalu retarded..hehe.. 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Entah la weh..

First time in my life..
terfikir nk bagi bunga kat org yg aku suka..
haha.. ape la yg aku fikir masa 2..
mengarot tol.. xsempat minx couple lg da kne reject..
plan bapak awal.. sminggu awal..
pas 2 mula gelabah sbb xtaw nk bli kat mne..
yg sedehnye.. siap ade org kutuk ros aku ni murah..
bapak r.. depressed aku..wakkaka..
mula2 ingt xnk msukkn sal awek2 lam blog ni..
tp dia ni mmg lain..
aku rase cam suka gila2!! kat die..
tp hati setiap org lain..
aku suka dia.. tp hati die xterbuka utk aku..
bertuah spe2 yg dpt die..
ros merah..
3 kuntum..
maksud disebalik ros 3 kuntum 2?
google je..
hahaha.. jujur aku ckp aku google..
dah lama da update blog..
si miss fara 2 je yg update..
wlaupon aku agak depressed setlah di reject..
tp assigment n smua keje yg lecturer bg..
aku dpt siapkn...
n citer sal life.. since da dpt benti smoking ni..
appetite aku menjadi GILA2!!
jap lapar.. jap lapar..
bila nk kenyang un xtaw..
baju da smakin ketat..
hahah.. kene exercise r gini..
tp malasnye...
why does it have to be so complicated..
merokok susah... benti pon susah..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

** hye! **


this is a special entry...
urm dis time aku nak cte camane aku kenal dgn sorang budak perempuan yg tah pape...

i met dis girl through the special and popular social networking, facebook!
name? keep it as a secret lah..nothing special bout her..haha

urm, aku terjumpe die mase tgah comment2 kat wall kawan kami, sam...
borak pasal ape ek?tak ingat la pulak...tak pe..tak penting..
pas uw, aku pon add la die....die pon approve la aku...

pas uw, kami pon berkongsi cerita dan ceriti..tentang itu dan ini...
dah la..apa lg ek....

urm, manusia..masing2 ade masalah sendiri...
nasihat si tukang tulis kepada si pemilik blog...*its confusing right??huhu

terima la masalah and usaha la selesaikan nye...
ALLAH tak kan uji hamba-Nya dgn bende yg ak mampu ditanggung..
lagi, ujian tu kan sebahagian dari kehidupan...tak syiok ah kalo hdup senang je tak de susah..
ade suke je tak de duka..tak best derr!

urm and, mawar bukan sekuntum...hehe
kalau mawar memg tgl sekuntum kat muka bumi ni, bunga laen byk lg..
bunga matahari, bunga tahi ayam..bunga daisy...tulip, ketas.byk...
jgn risau yea... chill der...

urm k la...penat da merepek kerepek kat blog org ni..haha

**saya, penulis diiktiraf..**
**LWA 02 I...uitm..=)**